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Bigg Boss Tamil 3 - Promo Video

Bigg Boss Tamil (Vote Online)

Bigg Boss Tamil 3.0 or Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is the progressing current second season of the unscripted television game show demonstrated as Bigg Boss Tamil, hosted by Kamal Haasan. This season has 16 housemates with 60 cameras. The aim of the second season is to discover who is the great person and who is the bad person. The season started on 17 June 2018 and will be for 105 days this time and starts on Star Vijay.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestants

The Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 and 2 was a big hit and unforgettable as the fabulous and legendary actor was its Host. Even though he is busy with his recently well-known political party and future films he decided to host the season 3 as it connects him to the Audience. It’s sufficient and now it’s time to converse the Season 3 contestants who will be formally declared on the welcome episode.

Stimulating Realities concerning about the selections:

  • All the housemates are unknown to each other as it’s kept a secret.
  • Contestants names will be sent one by one into the house in the welcome episode.
  • No members had superior rights as per their position.
  • One can run away from the house and he/she can be known as an eliminated housemate.
  • All of unexpected, Family and close friends of the housemates are permissible into the house for on an occasion during the show i.e during the last weeks of the season.
  • No one should stake the problem which was discussed between Bigg boss and the contestant.
NameProfessionBigg Boss Status
Yashika AanandActressEliminated
Janani IyerActressEliminated
Ananth VaidyanathanSingerEliminated
Thaadi BalajiActorEliminated
Nithya Thaadi BalajiCommonorEliminated
Daniel Anne PopeActorEliminated
Aishwarya DuttaActressRunner!
Mahat RaghavendraActorEliminated
Mamathi ChariActress/ VJ Eliminated
Ramya NSKSingerEliminated
Shariq Khan-Eliminated
VaishnaviRadio JockeyEliminated

16 Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Contestants

The comprehensive List of Contestants for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 are:

Vaishnavi RJ

Radio Jockey

Vaishnavi Prasath is a Journalist and Radio Jockey in 104.98 F M. Her Father was a senior journalist who was…

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An actress known for her roles in the films Madras (2014) and Kabali (2016).

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Thadi Balaji


Thadi Balaji, an actor who has primarily appeared as a comedian in Tamil films as well as in Tamil teleserials…

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Mahat Raghavendra


Mahat Raghavendra is an Indian actor who predominantly works in Tamil cinema and Telugu cinema. He is best known for…

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Ananth Vaidyanathan


This 61 aged voice expert who is the Airtel Super singer was the senior of all the housemates in season…

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Aishwarya Dutta


Aishwarya Dutta is a famous Tamil Actress. She is a Bengali who is not about to turn out to be…

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Ramya NSK


She is an Indian Play Back Singer who won numerous Film Fare Awards. She had a Good Cine Background as…

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Daniel Pope


Daniel Annie Pope is an Indian Film Actor who acted in Tamil Language Films. He is a Visual Communications Student…

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Shariq Hassan


Popularly Known as Son of Riaz Khan and Uma Khan. He made his debut with the movie Pencil starring GV…

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Mamathi Chari

Video Jockey

Mamathi Chari is a Divorced Women who is a Small Screen Actor, Anchor, and RJ. She was Born and Born…

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Sendrayan is an Indian Born Actor who acts in Tamil movies. Some of his recently acted films are Silambattam, Aadukalam,…

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He is Commonly recognized as “Spare Parts” as nobody of his body parts are injured during the shoot at any…

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She is a 37-Year-Old Indian Model, actress and dancer who has appeared primarily in character and item girl roles in…

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Yashika Anand


A model and actress known for her roles in the films Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru (2016) and Iruttu Araiyil Murattu Kuththu(2018).

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Janani Iyer


An actress best known for playing the lead role in the films Thegidi (2014) and Adhe kangal (2017).

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Nitya Balaji


Nitya Balaji, estranged wife of Thadi Balaji., who is a prominent Anchor in Tamil. Balaji was one of the VJ…

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Bigg Boss Tamil Missed call voting

To protect your favorite contestants from exclusion, it is prerequisite to vote for him/ her by succeeding the data specified here. Each Bigg Boss Tamil Vote sums because the one who has less voting will be dispossessed. Here is the list of people who are in the house and got nominated for this week. Find your favorite contestant voting and make your vote count by following Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting. To vote any contestant, just give a missed call to the mobile numbers disclosed here. Each One is Assigned with a unique number.

The process to cast vote via Missed call

  • It is very simple process. Follow the steps
    • Note or copy the number of your fav nominated housemate
    • Give the number a missed call
    • Your Missed call from a number can be cast as one vote

    For example, you dialed for contestant 1 i.e you supported contestant 1 by voting.

Missed call Number of Housemates

  • Vote for Contestant Nithya –8367796809
  • Vote for Contestant Janani Iyer-8367796805
  • Vote for Contestant Yashika Anand-8367796816
  • Vote for Contestant Mumtaj- 8367796808
  • Vote for Contestant Ramya NSK-8367796811
  • Vote for Contestant Ponnambalam-8367796810
  • Vote for Contestant Sentrayan-8367796813
  • Vote for Contestant Mamathi Chari-8367796807
  • Vote for Contestant Daniel-8367796804
  • Vote for Contestant Shariq Khan-8367796814
  • Vote for Contestant Iswarya datta-8367796801
  • Vote for Contestant Anadh Vaidhyanathan-8367796802
  • Vote for Contestant Mahat Ragavendhra –8367796806
  • Vote for Contestant Thadi Balaji-8367796803
  • Vote for Contestant Riythvika-8367796812
  • Vote for Contestant Vaishnavi- 8367796815

You can vote any one of the people whom you wish to support by giving a missed call to the number provided here. Sometimes the contestant who is not able to adjust to the situations in the Bigg Boss House may walk out due to various reasons. So one cannot guess their favorite contestant would stay in the Bigg Boss Tamil House or not.

Bigg Boss Tamil season 3

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting: Bigg Boss Reality show is currently going at a fast hop in all three dialects namely Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Being a reality show Tamilians are very much concerned in watching Bigg Boss Tamil Show online. If you are one among the Bigg Boss Tamil Show viewer, you might have had the knowledge of Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting. Kamal Haasan is the spine of Bigg Boss Tamil who is a a popular actor playing the hosting role for this show. Now the second season of Big Boss Tamil series is going on and it is being broadcasted on Star Vijay TV channel. The protraction of the contestants in Bigg Boss Tamil show will be morally built on the nominations specified by the co-contestants and the audience. Season one was hosted by Kamal Hassan and season 2 as well.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting online

As Bigg Boss Tamil is a Reality game show, all the contestants will be abolished one by one based on their performance. The one who survives for all the circumstances, the one who acknowledged the number of public votes will be the winner. Each participant who is nominated from the auditions must track the orders approved by Bigg Boss which are signified by the host. Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Season 3 – The season going to play for 100 days with 15 celebrity and non-celebrity contestants. The show host by Ulaganayan Kamal Haasan and telecast in Vijay Television. Each week participant can nominate any two other co-contestants for exclusion, the people with most number of nomination will be chosen for public vote poll. Vote casting allows the people to vote their favorite participant in order to stay at home. Check out below for Bigg Boss Vote (Online Voting Poll), and Rules. Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote: For the sixth week of Bigg boss tamil vote, five contestants have been nominated. Mumtaj, Mahat Raghavendra, Vaishnavi, Yashika Anand and Ponnambalam are the contestants nominated for the week for online voting. Go to Google and type ‘Bigg Boss Vote and vote for your favourite contestant. Click below links to know more details about the Big Boss Vote Method.

Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting Process

If you don’t know How to vote for Bigg Boss Eviction contestants online, then follow below steps.

  • Open and make sure that you opened Google India Instead of
  • Search For “Bigg Boss Tamil vote”
  • The list of nominated candidates for the week will be displayed instantly under the search.
  • Click on your favorite contestant and you can vote up to 10 points from a Gmail account
  • One can cast their 10 points to a single housemate or more i.e you can cast 10 points to a single housemate or one point each.
  • Votes cast on social media and, on several websites, will be excluded. They are not even considered. Moreover, they are just public polls.

SMS Voting

SMS voting is very unused process in Bigg Boss voting theme. Mostly viewers even don’t know about its procedure. Nevertheless, we are telling you about for the knowledge. This is an option for voting too but we are not assured the voting procedure is correct for you then follow the steps to cast your vote. Everyone will be Given an SMS Code, Audience need to SMS their housemate code to a Number and One SMS=One Vote

How candidates are nominated for the elimination

It Depends, some of them are

  • Bigg Boss Might nominate them (Rare cases)
  • Nominated by other housemates
  • Self-Nominated

Contestants who are in the home cannot nominate a captain and wildcard entries who entered a day before into the house. So, the other people in the house can be nominated and the one who got high nominations will be named for voting by the audience. Vote your favorite contestant by the specified methods. Select your favorite contestant from Bigg Boss Tamil participants who got nominated for elimination and then give the voting count from 0 to 50. Tap on submit votes to register your vote for your favorite contestants.

How are Bigg Boss Tamil votes counted?

All voting processes including Google Online Vote, missed call voting, and SMS voting are accomplished by a Third-Party Organization. It is self-governing of creators and the host. They just count the votes which are received on time and discloses the particulars to the host on the before a day of elimination. The Host proclaims the Expelled Housemate details during the weekdays and then the exclusion process will go on. Some people think the process as a scripted one as most of it was almost real and so it is termed as one of India’s biggest reality show ever.

Weekly Elimination Updates

Week 1: 4 Members are Nominated i.e Ananth, Mumtaz, Nithya, and Riythvika. There is no elimination for week 1. Week 2: 4 Members are Nominated i.e Ananth, Mumtaj, Ponnambalam and Mamathi.Mamathi was Eliminated on the 14th day with less number of public votes Week 3: Ananth Ananth, Balaji, Mumtaz, Nithya, Ponnambalam are nominated in this week. ananth was eliminated on the 21st day. Week 4: Thadi Balaji, Nithya, Yashika Anand, Ponnambalm were nominated for the week. nithya was eliminated in this week. Week 5: Aishwarya, Balaji, Janani, Ponnambalam, and Ramya are nominated for the 5th week. Ramya was eliminated Week 6: Mahat, Mumtaz, Ponnambalam, Vaishnavi, Yashika are nominated for the 6th week.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Wildcard Entries

All the Participants who are selected are not sent to the house on the very first day. Some of them are permissible to go in the house in mid Weeks. Those are named are wild card entries. They had no Superior Rights other than participants. This phase is to uphold tinkle of the show until last day. Wild Card Entry 1: Soon Wild Card Entry 2: Soon

BB Tamil S02 Captains

Captains are chosen by voting and occasionally by Bigg Boss. He/she had some special rights in the House.

  • No one can’t nominate captain for that week.
  • If nominated before, elimination process will be same.
  • He/she looks after the House for that week.
  • Captains are owed with special room i.e A separate bed and a washroom

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3 Guests

Some of the Celebrities are allowed to the house for a day or few hours to indorse their movie or web series etc. This phase just to make respite for the Housemates as it was totally problematic to stay in the House without any communication with other humans outside the house. Sometimes they may conduct errands for that day. There is no role of Guests in Eliminations.

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